What are the most important things I can teach my child?

Answer by Deepak Sunanda Prabhakar:

  1. To Swim.
  2. Getting rid of stage fright.
  3. A Sport.
  4. Teach more than 4 languages.
  5. A musical instrument.
  6. Watch sensible movies.
  7. Respect women. ("Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata, yatraitaastu na pujyante sarvaastatrafalaah kriyaah"which means Where women are honored, divinity blossoms there, and where women are dishonored, all action no matter how noble remain unfruitful.)
  8. Respect a person based on their character rather than their age.
  9. How to know whether a person is sexually abusing them.
  10. How to fight a sexual abuse.
  11. Listen to your heart.
  12. Travel a lot.
  13. Meet people.
  14. DO not trust people easily/very fast.
  15. Never bow down if you are not wrong.
  16. Help the Helpless.
  17. Read books.
  18. Respect a person's ideas and privacy.
  19. No matter what; be honest to the person you love.
  20. Sign up for QUORA..!
  21. Read a newspaper (Edit 1)
  22. Value of Health, relationships, time and money. (Edit 2)
  23. When they fail to do something, they must strive hard to achieve it rather than cribbing about it.

*We can't just teach our kids all of the above, their interests might be different. Parents must know what their kids like and start improving the kids skill in that.

What are the most important things I can teach my child?


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