How can I use my smartphone to increase my productivity?

Answer by Adrian Mh Lin:

Longer answer with more photos here: Using the Smartphone for Productivity by Adrian Mh Lin on Quoriosity never killed no cat

I know many people seem to be saying you can't use your smartphone to increase productivity, but I believe I do just that. I use my smartphone for a variety of productivity uses and don't ever play games on it, which may be a reason I can be productive on it. To give you an example, these are two of my main iPhone screens and I'll explain how I use these apps to be productive:

1. Trello – Organize Anything is a task-management app that helps you organise lists of things to do. You can make various boards for the various projects or uses you have. I have one for a general to do list, for programming project ideas, and for shared tasks within my family. Within each board you can make lists to further break down the task into smaller bits. And within each list you can attach cards which can be rearranged, can have check lists, and which you can attach files or labels to.

2. Eidetic – Learn & remember anything is an app I use to teach myself vocabulary or other things that require memory. It uses spaced repetition which is helpful for consolidating these memories. I currently use it for learning Korean.

3. Skitch – Snap. Mark Up. Send. Skitch is an app that can edit and annotate photos. I use it primarily to mark up screenshots to explain things to people while on the go. I used it to annotate the screenshots in this post!

4. Fancy Hands – Fancyhands is an app for a service that gives you virtual assistants. These are people who act as your virtual secretaries that help you schedule things, search for things, anything really, as long as it doesn't require physically doing something. They were made popular by Tim Ferriss (author) in his book, the Four Hour Workweek.

5. Dollarbird – Smart Personal Finance Calendar – I use Dollarbird to keep track of my finances, but also for other non-finance tracking items. I've used it to keep track of my subway usage, and the number of times I need to withdraw cash from the ATM or the number of times I've gone to the gym by simply using the amount $0.01 to represent one time. It has a colourful and intuitive interface that I really enjoy.

6. Venmo – Venmo is an app that lets you send payments. People use it for paying their friends and making restaurant bills easier. Some people even use it to pay their rent! This is an indispensable app.

7. Simplenote – Simplenote is a note that simply.. takes notes! It syncs with your computer and other devices and has a simple interface that allows you to quickly give a note a title and content, and then have it appear on other devices instead of having to email it. I use it to quickly jot down notes or reminders for later usage.

8. Pocket: Save Articles and Videos to View Later – Pocket is great for reading when you have free time. I often save articles for later perusal and then read them while waiting for friends to show up.

9. Evernote Scannable – This is a great app for scanning documents. Just hover over the paper and it automatically detects and scans the document. This is great for people who want to digitise their notes.

I use various other apps, but I thought these were most indicative of how I use my smartphone to increase my productivity. Used properly, I think the smartphone can really help you get things done quickly and more efficiently than other ways. Just be careful to stay focused and on task, and don't play any phone games. Games are only fun on bigger screens anyway! Hope I've given you all some insight into smartphone productivity!

If you enjoyed this, I have a longer version with more pictures here:
Using the Smartphone for Productivity by Adrian Mh Lin on Quoriosity never killed no cat

How can I use my smartphone to increase my productivity?


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