How can I become fluent in English?

Answer by Meehika Barua:

Okay first of all. STOP READING THE NEWSPAPER !! The newspaper only helps building your vocabulary but your foundation here isn't right in itself . so when you become fluent and comfortable with the the English language , only and only then pick up the newspaper .
Start from this -read novels.  A lot. When I say a lot I mean a lot.  Now start with the simple ones like if you like love stories go for THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks (i personally think you should start with him because i started with him and he writes really simply and beautifully )   then if you like thriller go for Sidney Sheldon. Then start picking out the novels of your choice and start reading . read as many novels as you can .
Secondly. Watch English shows . if you're having problems understanding what they say, which I presume you'll have, watch only the channels that have subtitles for the dialogues so you can read them. That helps a lot. Watch tv shows, movies, comedy, everything in English .
Now thirdly, surround yourself with people who speak English fluently and converse with them.  It doesn't matter whether you're fluent or not . you need to learn so you've to step out of your comfort zone .
80% of your conversations with people should be in English .

Do this for a year and I assure you you'll have a command over the English language 🙂

How can I become fluent in English?


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