What are the best way to lead a life?

Answer by Rahul Sinha:

If you really want to lead a happy life, then tie it with a GOAL & not people/things.

So,  some of the goals could be

# Don't hate: Most of us hate some or other things or people. Though, we don't know exactly what is the reason of hate. Stop hating and live your life.

# Don't worry: We have so many problems which make us to worry about it. But, worrying about it, won't solve the problem. You need to take right action for it.

# Live simply: Most of us  try to show off in our group to look superior comparing to other. But, you need to understand you can't be superior if nobody accepting this thought. High thinking, simple living.

# Expect less: Do you know? Expectations hurt. It hurts you a lot if you expected more. So, have a less or no expectation to save yourself from the pain of being hurt.

# Give more: The more you give, the more you get. Give happiness and get happiness and vice-versa.

Hope this helps. Thank you!

What are the best way to lead a life?


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