How do introverts enjoy life?

Answer by Niharika Banerjee:

There are some misconceptions people have about introverts :

  1. We're shy.
  2. We're bad at interviews.
  3. We don't open up easily.
  4. We don't have a life.
  5. We are socially awkward.

However, normal signs of introverts are :

  1. We enjoy solitude.
  2. We like inviting just our best friends and closest family members to our gathering.
  3. We like to have a conversation over a drink or a cup of coffee rather than being in a noisy pub where we cannot hear the voice of our friend sitting across the table.
  4. We do not like making "small talk".
  5. We often suck at "keeping in touch" because again, we suck at making small talks.
  6. We do party, but again, with the best of our friends, and not otherwise.

How I, as an introvert, enjoy my life –

  1. I go for long drives with my best friends, followed by dinner.
  2. I stay home and read newspapers, or watch some nice movies or tv shows.
  3. I chat with my parents.
  4. I have some "me time" when I simply put on some music, give myself a foot massage, and just relax.
  5. I'd love to travel with my best friends later on in life.
  6. I clean up my house.

Clicking selfies, meeting people just for the heck of it and then clicking more selfies, and chatting endlessly to people, that's just not my thing. Some solitude, some real conversations – that's all I want for enjoyment.

How do introverts enjoy life?


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