How do students from IITs earn money during their college studies?

How do students from IITs earn money during their college studies?

Answer by Ashish Kedia:

There is no secret to it. There are several ways of earning while you're a student :
  • Youtube Videos – Make some awesome youtube videos. Make your own channel or partner with a popular channel. Videos can be about anything – travelling, programming, music, etc. Monetise your youtube account and get paid. This however requires patience and a little bit of luck. You don't know when a video will go viral.
  • Blogging – Set up a blog using wordpress or blogger and starting writing good articles in a particular niche. Show your credentials in that niche. You can learn basic web development too. This process is again slow.
  • Freelancing – This is the fastest way of earning money as a student. Simply make an account on Freelancer or Upwork, verify your identity and start bidding. Programmers can really exploit this. You can easily earn close to 500$ / month with as little as 40 hrs / month. There are all kinds of project from data entry to web app development. This process will help you build professional skills.
  • Gigs – Are you good at writing awesome cover letters or essays ? Or are you good at making videos ? Offer such gigs on Fiverr and earn. You should ideal offer a gig that takes you only a couple of hours or even less.
  • Part time Job / Work from home internships – Tons of companies are looking for cheap developers. This can be mutually beneficial for you. When compared with Freelancing, this offers you more guidance and help but pays less.
  • Content Creation – It is not very popular. Last few months I have received multiple requests from people asking me to generate technical content for their website. They said, they all saw my content on Quora and thought that I could help them. Once of the person actually wanted me to write for his popular blog which creates high number of impressions. He was very busy with his work and agreed to split the earnings if I wrote for his blog.
  • Student Ambassadors – Many companies especially the tech companies in silicon valley hire students as their point of contact in campus to increase engagement with students and organise events. These positions are usually paid. You can also get paid for flyering (distributing flyers) in your campus. Most Indian companies offer swag to their ambassadors.
  • Small Business – You can buy and sell stuff to earn money. Students offer varites of products and services for other students in campus including weed, alcohol, etc. I have also heard students selling notes and study material. In every Indian campus, there are many students who take this route.
  • Become tutor – Again a popular method of earning money as a student. You can earn more if you're a student from a reputed university like IITs, NITs, etc. Most students choose to teach subjects that they once learned a few years ago. If you're good at teaching then you can make a lot of money.
  • Academic Competitions – There are many hackathons, challenges and online competitions for students. You can take part in them and earn money as prize. You will also get to learn a lot. It's like hitting 2 birds with a single arrow.
  • Scholarship – Look out for need and merit based scholarships that you're eligible for. Keep applying

How do students from IITs earn money during their college studies?


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