Which coaching did Akanksha Bhaskar take? What was her strategy of preparation?

Which coaching did Akanksha Bhaskar take? What was her strategy of preparation? by Akanksha Bhaskar

Answer by Akanksha Bhaskar:

Hello aspirants. I came to Delhi in the middle of April 2014 with zero orientation towards this examination searching for a coaching institute in the by-lanes of Mukherjee Nagar which would take admission as late as later half of April. I liked the program of Synergy IAS and enrolled there for their G.S. Prelims crash course. After attending 15-20 classes I was highly disillusioned and alarmed at the rate my prepation was going. Hence I decided to sit at home and study, following Mrunal.org's list of books with some inputs by my seniors in services. I also joined the online test series of Vajiram and Ravi to regularly test my preparation and extensively solved the test papers available in the market , be it CL, ALS or Vision.

Post prelims I was in a full blown panic as i had to complete both the optional and G.S. portion in 3 months.  I relied on my college notes for Medical Science, my optional and Roman Saini sir's list of 200 topics but ended up ignoring my optional for the sake of G.S( an obvious mistake..please donot do this).
For G.S. I joined Vision Mains test series and ended up taking some 8 out of 12 tests only. I also tried taking some tests of Synergy but ended up ditching them for Vision's because they are more flexible. I memorised the entire mains syllabus and tried to find the most authentic and lucid source for each topic. Vision's value added material provided along with the test series are a good source. Also the help from Mrunal.org and insightsonindia.com cannot be emphasised enough. They are absolute gems when it comes to smart studying.

For interviews I gave mocks at Vajiram, shri Chaitanya, Byju and Samkalp. In retrospect i think Shri Chaitanya and Samkalp were the only ones that helped.

So here guys is my entire coaching/ self study history. I fumbled and floundered at times but it worked out in the end. I hope it does for you too. All the best. Go write your own stories.

Which coaching did Akanksha Bhaskar take? What was her strategy of preparation?

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